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A Personal Message From Bob Diamond

We have invested the last 9 years of our lives working in this business and now unveil the best of both worlds, our new knowledge, tools and skills blended with the strong history of success and experience. The collective 20+ years experience of our business operators in all things Overage, tax lien, tax deed and real estate related combined with over 50 years of legal practice is all here for you in Overages Blueprint!

Our story is a little different, we are MBA's, Lawyers and business professionals who have created a real company where phones are answered 7 days a week from 7 AM EST to 12 AM EST and we have well trained experienced people here to help you in support. Naturally, we ask that the more challenging and nuanced support things are laid out in an email to ensure we get the right person to help you in our company, mundane and easy things like user id's password resets, etc. are definitely "call us" kinda things. The "how to" interpret lists from counties, skip trace nuances, filling out contracts, yep, those go in an email and we work on those from 9-5 every day (Mike, Ashleigh, Christine, Ed, and Bob do need to have a life too!) the key is that we are NOT one person with a cell phone who you pray has a good day and time to help you.

This is a strong company led by strong experienced leaders with enough grey to be smart about life and some youngsters to keep it moving fast! (They do that you know, kinda like puppies nipping at the older dogs heels) and we love to have fun with you and keep a sense of humor while doing really good work!

Go out there and make a great living and a difference by recovering money for those in desperate need! We are here for you every step of the way to help you achieve your personal version of success.