FaceBook Sign Up Instructions

1. Go to www.Facebook.com

2. Enter:

  1. Your First and Last name
  2. A mobile number that can receive a text (this will not be displayed anywhere, only used for logging in), and
  3. a new password for logging in (we suggest using a temporary default password Over@ges so we can have access to customize your page for you. After completed, you can then change your password to your choosing.)
  4. Birthdate and Gender

3. You will then receive a 5 digit pin to your email for security reasons. Enter that pin number into facebook and you will be good to go.

4. Then email to socialmedia@overagesblueprint.com the the phone number and password you are using to login. We will then begin to customize and set up the appropriate business page for you and link to the omni-channels. Please allow for 4-5 days for completion.

5. Any questions…please email to socialmedia@overagesblueprint.com