Setting Up Your Technology Backbone

Video and Call Conferencing

The primary software that you will need for your coaching is Zoom. If you do not have an account with Zoom already, please sign up with them and download their desktop software to your computer. You should do a test call to make sure that your settings and permissions are set up so that your microphone and camera are working.

Ring Central

Once you complete the form that we sent you with questions on how you want your Ring Central account set up, we will create an extension on our Ring Central account for you and send you that information. I recorded a training on how to set up your account, which you can view here.

Browser Bookmarks

One of the items that you get with your coaching is my (Ashleigh) list of browser bookmarks of all of the county lists I've found online and county public records links. This is a crucial tool for you to super charge your business and save you time and effort of having to find and figure these out yourselves.

Download the file here -

  Ashleigh's County Overages Lists & Public Records BookMarks Chrome March 2021 (161.7 KiB)
You do not have permission to download this file.

Instructions on how to import them into your browser:
Import into Firefox
Import into Chrome
Import into Safari

Password Management

You will be creating a lot of new accounts, both for skip tracing and on some county public records sites, so you will need a way to keep and manage your accounts and passwords. If you do not already have a password management system that you use and like, we recommend LastPass. One of the benefits with this system when you are working with a partner or on a team is that you can share the account information with others and whenever anyone updates the password, it updates for everyone who that log in is shared with.

Business Email

Part of your social media set up is buying your domain, and this is what you will use to set up your business email. We recommend using Google for Business. You will need to verify that you own the domain, which Google will walk you through. We use this for all of our business emails, and it has the added bonus of giving you a business related Google Drive.

Document Sharing and Storage

Speaking of Google Drive, if you are working with a partner or a team, you will need a central place to keep documents and files that you are working on. We use a combination of Google Drive and DropBox. Generally we use Google Drive for documents that need input or that change frequently (like a lead list), and DropBox for document storage on items that don't change as frequently. Even if you are working alone, we still recommend using one or both of these services, or any cloud based storage, to keep your documents in to safe-guard you from any potential computer problems you may run into. The only thing worse than your computer crashing is your computer crashing and losing all of your documents and files.