What You Get - Benefits of Joining the Protege Mastery Program

The Protege 12 Month Business Building Program comes with the tools you will use to build a successful business! These include:

  • 2 Day Zoom Sales Coaching
    • Your coach will spend 2 days with you over Zoom as you make calls on your leads, going over in the moment what worked, what didn't, and how to improve your calling to get a yes! We usually try to schedule this visit approximately 2 weeks out from when you sign up, however this may vary based on our sales expert's availability and your schedule. Your coach will reach out to you to start the scheduling process within a few business days of joining.
    • To maximize the benefit of this time and minimize wasted effort, make sure that you have your office set up and ready to go and have at least 20 vetted and skip traced leads ready to call before they arrive. While your coach is happy to assist in getting your office set up and pulling and skip tracing leads, doing so will take away from the time that you have with him to coach you on your calls. Bear in mind that our sales experts are experts in the selling process, they are not Technicians who will fix computer and technical issues that needs to be sorted out before they get there. Your focus on this visit will be the selling process.
  • Monthly Business Development Training
    • Monthly participation meeting held through a webinar where we will answer your questions and discuss your business development, present any new techniques that we've developed, most people find these incredibly valuable as you are in the "community" of Overages Recovery Specialists who are asking many questions that you had not even thought of.
  • Minimum of $250,000 worth of high dollar overage leads - 10 of which will be professionally skip traced
    • We will send you a list of overages totaling a minimum of $250K (usually more), with each lead being a minimum of $25K, and have been skip traced using our latest techniques and tools. Note that in order to help maximize your time with your coach, our practice is to send these leads to you shortly before your in-home meeting so that you have a minimum of these leads ready to go.
  • Accountability coaching
    • You will have bi-weekly meetings with your coach where you will go over your efforts in the past week, what you achieved, what you fell down on, best practices, and encouragement. This is like having a work-out partner - you'll get better results at the gym when you know that your partner is there waiting for you!
    • An accountability worksheet to track your activities, phone calls made, and progress so that your meetings with your coach are productive. This will be shared with you in Google Docs so that both you and the coach have access to it during your sessions.
  • Training and Documents specific to our Protege Members
    • Special marketing materials, the $10,000 call script (including one for your VA), organizational and procedural documents that we've created along the way, and other documents that are exclusive to this advanced program.
  • Special access to our team.
    • Ability to be directly transferred to 2nd tier Customer Service when you call in to our regular support line.
    • Direct email addresses for the team - See the contact list here.
    • Special support line that is just for Protege members
    • Emergency line that is open during business hours (Note that this is ONLY for real emergencies)
  • Attorney Opinion Letters  
    • Have a potential claimant who is skeptical? We will provide you with one attorney opinion letter where we will verify the funds and send you a letter from our law firm stating that we have confirmed the funds exist, that you are able to file a claim, and confirming that there are no upfront fees or costs to the claimant. This gives you immense credibility and often sets the claimant's mind at ease!
    • We will also provide training on how to provide an attorney opinion letter to the attorney of your choice so that they can do this for you.
  • Skip Tracing
    • A paid account with RealEstateSkipTrace.com, a site comparable to TLO, that you will run skip tracing through. You will receive an email with your account information and a link to create a password. This link is time sensitive and will expire, so be sure to create it as soon as you receive the email. There is a 100 search per month threshold on this account. If you need more, they offer additional credits in bundles of 50 for $25. You will be responsible for paying for any additional credits that you request from their service.
    • One on one advanced skip tracing training. If you are struggling with your skip tracing, we will do a one on one screen share training where you will go through the steps that you are doing in your skip trace and we will coach you on what you may be doing wrong or could be doing better so that you learn first hand how to improve your results.
    • TLO Skip Tracing. If you are having trouble finding a claimant and have exhausted all other avenues, we will provide a TLO skip trace report upon request, limited within reason.
  • Social Media Set Up
    • We will set up a business page on Facebook and Instagram for you and will show you how to manage them. We will also register your business with Google and list your business with the top 3 omni-channel sites, include YellowPages.com.
    • New, upgraded, customizable credibility site. Once you purchase your website domain, we will create a new, customizable credibility site for you. You can view an example of the new site here.
  • Dedicated Ring Central number
    • We will provide you with a paid Ring Central phone number in our account for 12 months. You will make and receive all claimant calls through this number, which will be recorded so that you can review them at any time for training and review.
  • Individual Call Review
    • If you want to improve your closing percentages, we can pull the recordings from up to 12 of your calls (limit one per month), review them and provide coaching on how to improve. Note that we need a few days to review the recordings and develop the feedback.
  • Call Setter and VA Training
    • Once your business is operational, and you and your coach agree your systems are capable of
      scaling, if you want to use a call setter, we consult with you on and provide training on how to use a call setter. If you are
      going to use a setter, the only way we have seen this work is with US based people that have a neutral accent. Additionally,
      when you and your coach determine your business is ready to take on the additional expense of having a virtual assistant,
      you will gain access to an online training course on how to find, train, and effectively manage VAs.